Welcome to explore the collection of Museum Leikki through a selection of childhood phenomena. The objects in the collection tell stories of play and activities in Finnish childhood, as well as different phenomena in time. Here we present a selection that will grow in number as digitisation of the collection progresses.

Magic, superpowers and fantastical creatures are children’s favorites from the fantasy genre. 80’s childhood brought about a new era in toy culture, and highlighting it salutes the parents of today’s kids. Collecting, playing house and games are all time favourites in the world of play. The distress brought on by times of war is reflected in children’s play. Toy shops on the other hand represent the fulfilment of childhood dreams with their wonders! Stories of our dearest toy friends remind us of the importance and reality of toys in children’s minds. Toys made in Finland are a central part of the museum’s collection, as are also self-made toys and games that tell of the endless creativity and imagination of children.

We invite you to share your own memories of a familiar toy in the COMMENTS field below the images. While exploring the objects, click Used - MORE to read the toys' full stories.

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