Toys made in Finland

Toys made in Finland form a central part of the Museum Leikki collection. The museum collects objects manufactured by Finnish toy companies as well as information relating to their manufacture and history.

There are over 300 Finnish toys and games in the collection, even if we exclude homemade toys. Some past or current companies and producers are Aarikka, Atelier Fauni, Dollytex, Egma, Emek, Helylä, Hot Toys, Juho Jussila, Kannaksen lelu, Kuvataide, Martinex, Martta-nukketeollisuus, Niemen lelutehdas, Paletti, Peliko, Plasmet, Plastex, Plasto, Sarvis, Siro, Siroplast, Suomalainen lelupaja, Tactic Games (previously Nelostuote) and Telex.

Today, as only a few toys are made in Finland, the museum also collects toys designed in Finland and toys of Finnish brands.

Here you can find a selection of Finnish toys in the collection. Find a familiar toy!

Find toys of Finnish make in the collection

Aarikka, Helsinki, 1980's

Arabia, children's ceramic tableware, Helsinki

Atelier Fauni, Tuusula and Järvenpää, 1950's and 1960's

Juho Jussila Oy, Jyväskylä, from 1923 onwards, toy brand Jukka-lelu from 1937 onwards

Kuvataide, Helsinki, 1900's

Martinex, Raisio, from 1986 onwards, brands Moomin and Peliko games

Turun Martta-nukketeollisuus dolls, Turku, 1908–1974

Niemen lelu, Vammala, 1898–1960's

Plasto Oy, Maarianhamina, from 1954 onwards

Siro Oy, Viipuri, 1919–1927 (molds bought by Kannaksen Lelu, Terijoki, 1928–1940)

Oy Suomalainen Lelupaja, Porvoo, 1910–1915 and Oy Helylä, Sortavala 1915–1935

Toys by other Finnish manufacturers