Toy shop wonders

Toy shops represent the magic of childhood: an entire shop full of the merriest playthings in vast varieties! On the other hand, toys are expensive, and dreams may come true on rare occasions.

Factory-made toys were rare in Finland well into the 20th century. Toys were homemade, or local artisans made toys for sale: a leather ball came from a shoemaker, a bird whistle from a potter and a rattle from a smith. The first specialised toy shops opened their doors in Finland by the late 19th century. Their supply was mostly of foreign origin until the domestic manufacture of toys reached an industrial level.

Today, toy shop assortments are international again. Safety has become an important feature that is closely regulated. Toy shop wonders are found in Christmas toy catalogues and TV commercials. Specialised or private toy shops are few and toys are often purchased from supermarkets. Brick and mortar toy shops can have the advantage of atmosphere, service, quality of toys, and emphasis on domestic and small brand toys.

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