Collecting as a hobby

There are a number of items a child may fancy as a collectible: scrap reliefs, bubble gum trading cards, stickers, candy wrappers, hockey cards, postage stamps, matchbox labels, surprise toys, Donald Duck pocket books, PEZ, celebrity pics and…!

Collecting entails setting goals, the joy of discovery and the excitement of exchange. It is a form of play where one can try their hand at forming their own collection. The collectible becomes valuable in negotiation with other collectors. The collector can also happily spend hours alone with the collection.

Collectible cards are easy to carry around in one’s pocket and trade. Earlier trade cards in Finland were packaged along with retail products such as bubble gum or coffee bags, but by the 1990s onwards you could buy packs of cards directly. Many cards include an element of play such as character strength points or automobile horsepower.

Collectible toys are enjoying a boom. Surprise toys have brought along an element of excitement as the contents of the package is only revealed after the purchase. This shows up in Kinder surprises and L.O.L. Surprise! toys alike.

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